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Kindergarteners successfully held ski races in Kolyma

17.04.2018 63 просмотров

Competitions named after a noble skier of Magadan origin took place in Kolyma. The winter sports season ended quite well.

Elena Vyalbe, an Olympic skier, organized cross-country skiing in her native Kolyma in honor of her jubilee.

The government of the Magadan region reports that sporting events continued for a whole week. It is curious that the Spartakiad "Vyalbe-2018 Small Ski Track" concerned the smallest ones.

In total, 80 young athletes participated in the event - two boys and two girls from 20 kindergartens. Before letting the children go to the white silence of the Kolyma ski slope, they were addressed with parting words by the governor of the region Vladimir Pecheny and the mayor of Magadan Yuri Grishan. they called with honor to overcome this test, worthy of the fortitude of the young inhabitants of this harsh region.

As a result of a fierce race, the kindergarten team number 61 emerged as the winner of the competition in the team competition. All participants immediately celebrated the victory together with their parents in the canteen , where the organizers of sports competitions prepared sweet tea and delicious muffins for them.

For boys, Kirill Tsuprankov from preschool educational institution number 3 took the first place. Among girls, the best result was recognized by a pupil of kindergarten number 35, Maria Gridneva. 

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