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Kazakhstan creates multidisciplinary medical megacenters

13.03.2018 140 просмотров

The Akimat (municipality) of the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, announced the launch on March 13 of a reform to merge a number of city hospitals into multidisciplinary medical centers. The integration project was prepared by Timur Muratov, deputy head of the city health service.

During a conversation with journalists within the walls of the local akimat, Tengri News media reports, T. Muratov specified that his department chose the city hospital number 2 and the perinatal center number 1 as a profile pilot project, between which a covered passage will be built. In addition, both medical institutions will receive a single emergency room.

A Kazakh municipal official does not hide the fact that the organization of medical care in Korea, as well as European countries, serves as a matrix for the reform being carried out by his department.

narcological and psychiatric. Combining clinics and medical centers into a single structure will save on a number of expenditure items, as well as increase the efficiency of doctors, representatives of the municipal authorities are convinced. 

Timur Muratov places special emphasis on the "patient orientation" of his subordinate organizations. 

In case of success of this project, the experience of Astana can be adopted by the administration of other settlements of the country. 

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