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Junior from Uzbekistan beat the world chess champion

27.12.2018 50 просмотров

sensational victory was won by Shamsiddin Vohidov at the World Rapid and Blitz Championship held in St. Petersburg.

The Uzbek athlete, seeded at the competition under number 188, confidently defeated the strongest chess player on the planet Magnus Carlsen, who was entered at the tournament at number one. After a blunder made by the Norwegian on the 22nd move, the Uzbek player used the gained advantage and forced the opponent to capitulate on the 36th move, according to the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan. 

As Magnus Carlsen admitted after the meeting, he does not remember when was the last time you played so badly. Despite the fact that he now has three points to his credit, “things could have turned out much worse,” the chess player noted. 
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international competitions. At the age of 13, he became the junior world champion. This year, as part of the Uzbek national team, the young chess player became the gold medalist of the World Chess Olympiad, held in November in the Turkish city of Konya. 

Saudi King Salman Al Saud. A year ago, Saudi Arabia hosted the Monarch's Prize Tournament for the first time. This year, by agreement with the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the king's tournament was combined with the St. Petersburg world championship in blitz and rapid (rapid chess). The prize fund of the championship is $1.1 million.

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