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Japanese speed skater Miho Takagi wins Olympic gold

17.02.2022 59 просмотров

The second was Jutta Lehrdam from the Netherlands, the third - the American Brittany Bowe.

Japanese speed skater Miho Takagi wins a gold medal in the 1,000 meters at the Beijing Olympics, setting a new Olympic record.

The winner set a time of 1 minute 13.19 seconds, the previous Olympic record held by
b>Jorin ter Mors from the Netherlands (1:13.56). Jutta Lehrdam of the Netherlands was second (0.64 seconds back), third was Brittany Bow from the United States (+1.42). Russian Angelina Golikova took fourth place (+1.52),Daria Kachanova — ninth (2.45), Olga Fatkulina — 13th (+2.68).

Miho Takagi 27 years old, she won the first gold in the individual disciplines at the Olympics, the Japanese had previously won the team pursuit at the 2018 Games. In BeijingMiho Takagi also finished second in the team pursuit and in the 500m and 1500m. The athlete is the owner of three gold medals at the world championships at separate distances.

Miho Takagi brought her team the third gold award. In the medal standings of the Olympics, the Norwegian team is in first place (13 gold, 7 silver, 8 bronze), the German team is second (10-6-5), and the Americans are third (8-8-5). The Russian team is in ninth place (4-8-12). In terms of the total number of awards, the Russian team ranks second (24), behind the Norwegians (28).

The Olympic Games will end on February 20th.

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