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Japanese Paralympic swimmers win series of awards

31.08.2021 48 просмотров

At the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, two Japanese swimmers won a series of medals.

For Suzuki Takayuki, this was the fifth Paralympic Games.

After a quick start in the 200m freestyle, the 34-year-old swimmer was ahead, but later he was outstripped by a world record swimmer from Israel Ami Omer Dadaon.

Suzuki came in second, taking his fourth medal.

Swimmer Tomita Uchu finished third in the 200m individual medley style. This is his second medal. Previously Tomita won silver in the 400m freestyle.

Veteran Paralympic athlete Narita Mayumi came sixth in the 50m backstroke final.

Narita said that the Tokyo Games - her sixth Paralympic Games - would be her last. During her sports career, Narita won 15 gold medals.

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