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Japanese Paralympic athletes win silver and bronze medals in men's 5,000m

28.08.2021 52 просмотров

At the Paralympics in Tokyo, two visually impaired Japanese long-distance runners won silver and bronze medals in the 5000m.

The Paralympic track and field competitions kicked off on Friday.

Karasawa Kenya took silver and Wada Shinya took bronze in the men's T11 5,000m final. They became the first Japanese track and field athletes to win medals at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Each of the participants in this race is tied with a rope to a sighted guide.

Yeltsin Zhak from Brazil won the race with a time of 15 minutes 13, 62 seconds. Karasawa's time was 15 minutes 18.12 seconds, while Wada ran the distance in 15 minutes 21.03 seconds.

Karasawa told reporters that he was pleased to receive the silver medal with the support of his team members. According to him, he was able to run with full dedication thanks to the support and inspiration from his guide.

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