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Japanese Go Tsunoda will prepare the Russian women's judo team for the 2024 Olympics

02.11.2021 130 просмотров

Frenchman Patrick Roux has decided to retire from coaching.

Japanese expertGo Tsunoda will work with the Russian women's judo team at least until the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Kirill Denisov, sports director of the Russian Judo Federation Kirill Denisov.

“Tsunoda is an interesting specialist, he grew up and trained in Japan, then moved to Southern Europe, where he first worked with the Spanish national team. , then with the Portuguese team, in particular with Telma Monteiro (winner of the 2016 Games), Jorge Fonseca (winner of the 2020 Games). Due to the fact that our coach Patrick Roux decided to retire, we were pleased to invite a Japanese specialist.”

Kirill Denisovnoted that for For Russian coaches, it is important to cooperate with a highly qualified specialist. “He works with all teams, but his main focus is working with our women's team,” he said. - We are glad that he agreed, he has tremendous experience both in terms of technique and in terms of training athletes. Our young specialists are happy, he always has something to learn, he is ready to answer all questions.”

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