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Japanese figure skater Rika Kihira won the Grand Prix Final

09.12.2018 44 просмотров

In the short program of the Grand Prix finals, which takes place in Vancouver, Kihira set a record by scoring 82.51 points and beating Alina Zagitova's achievement of 80.78.

For Kihira, this season is the first at the adult level, she made it to the Grand Prix Final with stage victories in Japan and France. Rika is the first girl in the history of figure skating who managed to perform a cascade of a triple Axel and a triple toe loop at the competition.

In the sum of two programs, the 16-year-old Japanese woman scored 233.12 points. The 2018 Olympic champion in figure skating, Russian Alina Zagitova, came second with a score of 226.53 points. The third place was taken by the Russian Elizaveta Tuktamysheva (215.32).

The fourth place in the final of the Grand Prix of the season was taken by the Japanese Kaori Sakamoto (211.68), the fifth by the Russian Sofya Samodurova (204.33), the sixth by Satoko Miyahara from Japan (201.31).

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