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Japanese club Yokohama extended contact with the oldest player in the world

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Striker Kazuyoshi Miura, 51, will play until at least 52, according to the BBC's website.

Although Miura failed to score a single goal in 2018, the club hopes for his return to form in 2019. 

“I will put every minute, every second of my contract to good use ", - promised the athlete, who plays in the second division of the championship of Japan.

In 1982, when he was only 15 years old, Miura left Japan and went to Brazil to realize his football dream. 
< br> He made his professional debut with Santos at the age of 19. At various points in his career, he played for Genoa, Tochia Verdi, Dinamo Zagreb and Sydney. 

Miura made 89 appearances for his home country, scoring a total of 55 goals . 

In 1983, Kazuyoshi Miura became the first Japanese Asian Player of the Year.

The oldest footballer in the world Japanese Miura extended his contract with the Yokohama club ><a

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