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Japanese baseball players win gold in historic win over US

08.08.2021 48 просмотров

At the Tokyo Olympics, Japan's top professional league team won gold in baseball by defeating the US Olympic team 2-0.

Japan has taken first place for the first time since baseball was officially included in the main sports program of the Olympic competition in 1992. The team finished the tournament undefeated.

Meanwhile, in other competitions of the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese athletes continued their victorious path to gold medals. Susaki Yui added a gold medal to the Japanese national team by winning the women's 50kg freestyle wrestling final.

22-year-old Susaki b>confidently defeated the bronze medalist of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Sun Yanan from China. It took Susaki just over 90 seconds to take the victory due to his technical superiority and win the gold.

Earlier in the finals of the men's freestyle wrestling competition in the 65 kg weight category Otoguro Takuto also brought Japan an Olympic gold medal. His opponent was also the bronze medalist of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Gadzhi Aliev from Azerbaijan.

Japanese athletes have managed to win 27 gold medals by this time, which is a record figure in the history of Japan's participation in the Olympics.

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