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Japan wins first Olympic gold

26.07.2021 73 просмотров

Judoka Takato Naohisa brought Japan the first gold at the Tokyo Games.

Japanese judoka Takato Naohisawon the gold medal in the 60kg weight category at the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first gold medal of the host country of the Olympics.

In the final duel, the 28-year-old Japanese judoka defeated the Taiwanese Yang Yun Wei. At the 2016 Olympics, Takato won a bronze medal.

Takato said that this time he was able to go all the way to victory thanks to the unwavering support from those around him. He added that he will try to further improve his skills even as an Olympic champion.

Meanwhile, in the women's 48 kg category, Japanese judoka Tonaki Funa won silver, losing in the final duel to Distriya Krasniqi from Kosovo.

The 25-year-old Japanese judoka defeated the two-time world champion, Ukrainian Daria Beloded in the semifinals.

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