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Japan will significantly limit the access of foreign delegations to the Olympics

14.05.2021 127 просмотров

Less than 90,000 people will come to to Olympics in Tokyo, in addition to athletes. Human.

The organizers of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo expect less than 90 thousand people to arrive from abroad, in addition to athletes. people related to the conduct of the competition. This was announced to journalists on Thursday by the Secretary General of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, Toshiro Muto.

According to the organizers had earlier applied to their foreign partners with a request to reduce the composition of the delegations, the total number of which (with excluding the athletes) initially numbered about 180  ; thousand Human. Muto also noted that he allows for a further reduction in the number of arrivals, given the expected pressure on the hotel and transport sector in Japan.

Meanwhile, according to the estimates of the Secretary General of the Organizing Committee, about 15,000 people will take part in the competitions in Tokyo. athletes.

Previously, the organizers decided not to allow fans and volunteers from abroad to participate in the competition due to the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus.

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