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Japan sets national record with 17 gold medals at the Olympics

30.07.2021 127 просмотров

Previously, the best result of the Japanese was 16 gold medals at the 1964 and 2004 Olympics.

The Japanese national team won 17 gold models at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which was a record for the country's team.

The Japanese won a record 17th medal in the men's team competition in sword fencing. Prior to this, the Japanese team showed the best result at the 2004 Games held in Athens and 1964, which were also held in Tokyo (16 gold medals).

The Japanese won nine gold medals in judo at the current Olympics, two each - in skateboarding and swimming, one each - in fencing, gymnastics, softball and table tennis.

Japanese athletes take second place in the overall standings of the home Olympics, they also have four silver and seven bronze medals. The Chinese team is in the lead (18-9-11), the Americans are in the third place (14-16-11). The Russians are on the fourth line (10-14-10).

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