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Japan's national office chair race

14.06.2019 118 просмотров

In the town of Hanyu, north of Tokyo, a unique Japanese competition took place: Grand Prix races on ... office chairs.

Dressed in bright sports uniforms, employees of firms seriously challenged each other for the palm for the best time indicator. Teams of three struggled to overtake each other in the 200-meter distance, with numerous spectators cheering for their favorites.

These amazing competitions, more like traumatic industrial gymnastics, have existed for 10 years. At one time, race organizer Tsuyoshi Tahara was inspired by the famous Formula 1 and the equally famous Le Mans competitions in the automotive world.

Japan Chair Racing 4.jpg

Oddly enough, the idea quickly became popular throughout the land of the Rising sun. This year, 55 teams from all cities and villages came to Chania. It is curious that the team arrived here even from such a remote area as Wakayama Prefecture, located 600 kilometers south of Tokyo, on the island of Honshu. 

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As a result, the team from Kyoto won. It is noteworthy that all the "athletes" arrive with their own props, and are not content with the equipment provided. According to them, a "run-in" chair is worth a lot.  

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Another office furniture race on wheels will be held next month in Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku region.

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