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Japan prepares for the opening of the 2020 Summer Olympics

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The Japanese capital hosted an exhibition of miniature figures of athletes representing various types of Olympic and Paralympic competitions.

Three-dimensional images of athletes displayed in glass showcases are made of composite materials using 3D printing. They  represent baseball and softball, speed climbing and fencing, surfing and martial arts. Obviously, the organizers of the event wanted to draw the attention of young people to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in 2020, which will be held throughout the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Sociologists note a large surge of interest in the landmark sporting event from the local population . About seven and a half million people have already booked seats in the stands of stadiums to watch the competitions in person. 

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The Olympic Games will open symbolically with a game of softball in the city of Fukushima, affected by a leak of radioactive fuel at a nuclear power plant. The sports meeting will be held 2 days before the grand opening of the sporting event. The ceremony is scheduled for July 24, 2020.

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