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Japan lights the fire of the Paralympic Games

12.08.2021 87 просмотров

Since Thursday, fires have been lit throughout Japan for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Fires representing the hopes of building an inclusive society are being collected at more than 880 locations across Japan in a variety of ways that showcase the characteristics of each region.

In Nagano Prefecture in central Japan, children with disabilities lit a flame using sunlight .

In southwest Kagoshima Prefecture, a team from Tanegashima Island that preserves matchlock muskets lit the flame with flint.

The torch relay was scheduled to take place from August 17 in Shizuoka Prefectures , Chiba, Saitama and Tokyo, where the Paralympic events will take place. However, public road races in Chiba, Saitama and Tokyo have been canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus. Lighting ceremonies and related events will take place.

Torches from all over Japan, as well as flames from the UK from the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, will be delivered to Tokyo on 20 August. From this fire, the flame will be lit in the Paralympic bowl at the opening ceremony on August 24.

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