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Japan is getting ready for the Olympics

10.09.2020 103 просмотров

The Japanese organizers of the Olympic Games are trying to do everything possible to ensure that, despite the extremely difficult island climate, the guests of the upcoming sports events feel comfortable.

In Japan, the local Olympic Committee has already begun preparations for the postponed World Summer Games due next year. One of the important problems that the organizers have to solve is to provide comfortable conditions for athletes and fans who will have to adapt to the very difficult atmospheric conditions prevailing in Tokyo.


In the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun, high humidity and the accompanying heat make the warmest season a torment for many people suffering from hypertension and pulmonary insufficiency. In addition, the main city of the island nation is also known for its smog due to the exhaust gases of millions of cars that flooded the streets of one of the first megacities on the planet.


Makoto Yokohari, professor of urban studies at the University of Tokyo, advisor to the Japanese Olympic Committee:

"Heat stroke can occur not only due to an increase in ambient temperature environment, but also because of the accompanying humidity. So these 2 factors should be considered together. And here it can be argued that Tokyo is the worst city for the Olympic Games in these two parameters.


This year in July the temperature was not too high. It is possible that next year it will not rise to critical values. Everything is possible.

But if suddenly the thermometer rises like it is now or , for example, as it was a year ago, then on it's going to be a real nightmare."


A Japanese scientist believes that due to the warming of the planet, holding the Summer Olympic Games in the summer will soon become an inaccessible luxury. Perhaps next year's competitions will be the last that we will be able to organize between June and August.


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