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Japan introduces strict anti-epidemic rules for travelers

06.07.2021 188 просмотров

Tokyo has launched a strict COVID-19 prevention and control procedure amid an increase in the number of foreign media workers arriving in Japan for the Summer Olympics, which is less than 20 days away.

For journalists, the difficult journey to Tokyo begins long before the flight. Before traveling, they should review the latest 68-page Japanese Sanitary and Epidemic Protocol.

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Media staff must be tested for COVID-19. They must also, through the designated "COVID-19 Liaison Officer", provide the Olympic Organizing Committee with arrival, departure and other information, including plan and accommodation for the 14-day quarantine period after arriving in Japan. All personnel entering the country must download the two applications developed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Olympic Organizing Committee and fill in the required information.

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After landing in Japan, journalists will have to go through quarantine control, which takes about two hours. All travelers are required not to eat or drink before collecting saliva for coronavirus testing. Photos of sour plums and lemons are displayed at the airport testing station to help induce salivation in passengers.

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Once negative results are received and the media pass is activated, journalists will be given the green light to enter Japan.

The Tokyo Olympic Games, according to the revised schedule, should start on July 23 and last until August 8, 2021, and the Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 5.

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