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Japan believes that the Olympic Games will take place

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The Land of the Rising Sun is still waiting for the postponed Olympic Games to be held next year.

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Representatives of the Olympic Committee in Japan hope that in 2021, at the time of this large-scale sports event postponed to the next year, all sports facilities that were built on the eve of the epoch-making competitions for the Land of the Rising Sun will be used.

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The head of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games 2020 told reporters that the competitions postponed for a year will be held without excessive luxury, but in compliance with all regulations and at the proper level of comfort and safety. According to the representative, most of the facilities, as well as the Olympic Village, are in satisfactory condition and will be able to receive athletes and fans in 12 months.

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Toshiro Muto also confirmed that the torch relay will take place from March 2021 year for 121 days. However, the Olympic official emphasized that the final approval of the dates will depend on the epidemiological situation. For his part, Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Chairman Yoshiro Mori emphasized that all possible scenarios for the event are being worked out in close cooperation with the International Olympic Committee.

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According to the new preliminary schedule, the Games should now take place in Japan from 23 July to 8 August next year 2021. This is not the first Olympics to be postponed in Japan. So, the Games in Sapporo did not take place in 1940 either. In the end, they only made it to Tokyo in 1964.

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