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Japan and Korea debuted at the children's football festival in Altai

14.08.2018 52 просмотров

In the tournament, which will last until August 18, teams from Russia, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Korea and Japan will play 15 matches.

Competitions are held among players born in 2006. In total, six teams will play in the matches. Athletes from South Korea and Japan came to the tournament for the first time. The country of morning freshness is represented by the Daesung team. The Japanese flag will be defended by young athletes from Albirex Nigata, a football club from the city of Niigata, the prefecture of the same name. 

The tournament is held in memory of Gennady Smertin, the champion of the Altai Territory, a talented coach and father of famous football players Evgeny and Alexei Smertin. Before the start of the games in the park of Barnaul, a solemn opening of a memorial sign dedicated to Gennady Smertin took place. A pedestal in the form of a stylized soccer ball was erected next to the building of the football school. 

The Children's Football Festival is being held for the third time. As the Smertin brothers said, the idea to organize a tournament arose immediately after the death of their father. According to the players, they wanted a major children's football tournament to appear beyond the Urals. The age of the players who participate in the games was not chosen by chance. The Smertin brothers clarified that 12 years is a kind of stage in the formation of young players: it is at this age that young athletes enter professional sports and begin to play on the big field.

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