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It became known which of the Russian lugers will take part in the Olympic Games in Beijing

11.01.2022 118 просмотров

The composition of the Russian Olympic luge team at the Games in Beijing has been determined.

Russian luge at the Beijing Olympics will be represented by ten athletes, including Roman Repilov, Semyon Pavlichenko and Tatyana Ivanova. This was reported to TASS by the head coach of the national team Sergei Chudinov.

According to Chudinov, Roman Repilov, Semyon Pavlichenko, Alexander Gorbatsevich, Victoria Demchenko, Ekaterina Katnikova, Tatyana Ivanova will be announced to participate in the Olympic Games in Beijing , and also two sleigh-two crews: Alexander Denisiev and Vladislav Antonov, Andrey Bogdanov and Yuri Prokhorov.

“Just an hour ago, we received quotas from the international federation sent to the National Olympic Committee, - said Chudinov. — According to this, the Russian team will compete in Beijing with a full complement: three men, three women and two men's sledge-two crews are qualified to participate in the Olympic Games. Also, sheets with personal scores are attached to  quotas, where for men the first, second and third positions are occupied by Roman Repilov, Pavlichenko and Gorbatsevich, for women -Demchenko, Katnikova and Ivanov, for crew -Bogdanov and  ;Prokhorov, Denisiev and Antonov. These athletes occupy the highest positions, and, in accordance with the criteria, our federation enters these athletes to participate in the Winter Olympic Games in China.

“At  these criteria were approved by the coaching council, they were based this season on the rating of the International Luge Federation, - continued the coach. — The best results shown at four out of seven World Cups were taken into account.

The Olympic Games in Beijing will be held from 4 to 20 February.

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