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Irkutsk region entered the world's longest tour route, copying Bering's expedition

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The Irkutsk region has joined the project to create the longest tourist route in the world, repeating the "Great Northern Expedition", carried out in the 18th century under the leadership of the discoverer Vitus Bering.

The project covers 39 Russian regions and seven countries, offering travelers a 22,000-kilometer route, Ildar Mamatov, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, told reporters on Monday.

thousand kilometers (from Paris to Alaska through Russia - TASS note) - 39 regions have joined. On the territory of Russia, it runs from St. Petersburg to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The Irkutsk region is a significant participant in the project," he said.

Head of the tourism agency of the Irkutsk region Ekaterina Slivina explained that the agreement on the region's participation in the project is confirmed by the cooperation agreement concluded on Monday between the tourist information center of the Perm Territory and the tourist information service of Irkutsk. The Perm Territory, where the project started in 2016, was the first to develop a series of tours and in 2017 passed this baton to a number of other regions.

Tourist North of the Irkutsk Region

the region deserves to be included in this project not only because of its tourism potential, but, above all, due to its rich history," Slivina noted.

The territory of modern Irkutsk region was occupied by the First (1733-1743) Bering's Kamchatka expeditions passing through the Ilim prison (now the city of Ust-Ilimsk). In addition, in Irkutsk, which had the status of the eastern capital of Russia in the 18th-19th centuries, the Academic Detachment worked, which studied the archives of cities and the nature of Siberia as part of the Great Northern Expedition.

According to Slivina, the northern territories of the Irkutsk region have tourism potential , which can be developed at the expense of Bratsk Airport, which has a direct connection with Moscow. "This allows the flow of tourists wishing to visit Baikal to enter the region through the northern territories - Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk - and then to the south, to the lake shore," explained the head of the regional tourism agency.

Project coordinator Olga Budaeva added that the overall route along the path of the "Great Northern Expedition" will consist of separate tourist routes through several cities. For example, Novosibirsk - Tomsk - Kemerovo - Novokuznetsk - Biysk - Barnaul or Osa - Perm - Solikamsk - Kungur. If desired, travelers will be able to combine these modules as a constructor and go along the entire route of the Bering expedition, which can take more than one year. Part of the route through the remote territories of Siberia and the Far East will be extreme tracks, close to the conditions in which the pioneers once were.

The second Kamchatka (Great Northern) expedition led by the Russian officer Bering took place in 1733-1743 , it made it possible to clarify the boundaries and draw up the first map of the Russian Empire. The expedition also confirmed the presence of a strait between Asia and North America.

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