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Iranian karateka carried away on stretcher from final bout

09.08.2021 190 просмотров

Iranian karateka Sajjad Ganjzadeh was carried away on a stretcher from the final fight with the representative of Saudi Arabia Tareg Hamedi in the weight category over 75 kg at the Tokyo Olympics.

During the duel Hamedi used a forbidden technique, hitting the opponent in the neck. The judges decided to disqualify the representative of Saudi Arabia and award the victory to the Iranian. Bronze medals were won by the Japanese Ryutaro Araga and the Turks Ugur Aktash.

In the women's competition in the weight category over 61 kg, the gold was won by the Egyptian Feryal Abdelaziz, the silver - by the Azerbaijani Irina Zaretskaya, bronze - Chinese Gong Li and representative of Kazakhstan Sofya Berultseva.

In 2016 during the 129th session The International Olympic Committee decided to include karate in the program of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In 2019, it became known that karate will not be included in the program of the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Ganjzade is 29 years old, he is a four-time world champion, a five-time Asian champion, and also a winner of the Asian Games. 23-year-old Hamediis a two-time Asian champion (2017, 2019). He also won two silver and one bronze medals at the Asian Championships and a bronze medal at the Asian Games.

The Iranian national team won the second gold medal and ranks 32nd in the medal standings. Also on account of Iranian athletes are two silver and two bronze medals. The Chinese are in first place (38-31-18), the second - the Americans (35-38-33), the third - the Japanese (26-12-17), the fourth - the British (20-21-22). Russian sportsmen occupy the fifth line (19-25-23).

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