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Iran sent a large consignment of tangerines from Pakistan to Russia

28.12.2017 79 просмотров

Iran's IRNA news agency reported that Iran has shipped a large shipment of tangerines from Pakistan to Kazakhstan as part of an initiative that could open a new corridor to bring food from Southeast Asia to Russian markets.

IRNA reported that the cargo, which amounted to 350 tons of tangerines, arrived in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan by train from Pakistan's Quetta and is already on its way to the port city of Aktau in Kazakhstan. Then it will be loaded onto ships that will deliver fruit to Russia.

In April, the first transit shipment from Quetta was sent to Aktau along the same route. It included potatoes, mangoes, tangerines and rice, according to Press TV.

Majid Arjoni, director general of the communications department of Iran's Southeast Railway, said that Iran is expected to ship about a million tons of cargo every year. via the Zahedan-Quetta railway. This railway is 650 kilometers long and it takes almost 33 hours for trains to travel between the two cities.

The railway standards of Iran and Pakistan differ in track width, which means transit shipments need to be reloaded when they reach the border crossings. points between the two countries.

Iran hopes to use the same rail route to transit goods from its southeastern port of Chabahar to Central Asia and Europe, which will eventually become a major East-West corridor.

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