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IOC President Calls Beijing Olympics Great Achievement in Winter Sports

05.02.2022 186 просмотров

Thomas Bach noted that the Beijing Olympics are ushering in a new era for winter sports.

China, thanks to its ambitions, was able to become a country of winter sports, the Beijing Olympics will open a new era for the whole world in them. Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said this at the opening ceremony of the Winter Games on Friday.

“Today, thanks to its ambitions, China is a country of winter sports, involving more than 300 million people on more than 2 thousand people. ice rinks and ski resorts. This incredible achievement opens up a new era for winter sports in the world,” said Bach.

The IOC President expressed his gratitude to the Chinese organizers of the Games, as well as to the volunteers who ensure the smooth functioning of all systems at the Olympics. “Your smiling eyes warm our hearts,” Bach addressed the volunteers.

He added that additional gratitude to the Chinese organizing committee of the Games should be expressed for the preparation of the Olympics in the conditions of the pandemic. “Our hearts also go to all the athletes who, due to the coronavirus, were unable to fulfill their Olympic dream,” added Bach.

The Olympics in Beijing will last until 20 February.

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