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IOC allows Olympians to remove masks at awards

26.07.2021 44 просмотров

The IOC has allowed athletes to remove their masks for 30 seconds during the awards ceremony at the Tokyo Games.

Athletes at the Tokyo Summer Olympics will be able to temporarily remove their masks to take pictures on the podium during the awards ceremony. The corresponding protocol was approved on Sunday by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), according to the website of the organization.

According to this document, during the ceremony after the performance of national anthems, athletes will be able to take off their masks for 30 seconds. To do this, they will be given a special sign. At the same time, each athlete will have to remain on his step of the podium. After being photographed with the medals, they will again be required to wear masks.

The IOC has also allowed silver and bronze medalists to climb onto the top step of the podium for a group photo with the winner. However, at this point, all athletes must wear masks.

Previously, the IOC reminded athletes of the need to follow personal precautions to prevent coronavirus. In particular, this applies to the rule to wear masks where the organizers require it. The issue of the need to wear masks was again raised due to the fact that at the opening ceremony of the Games held on Friday, a number of athletes did not comply with this requirement during the parade of national teams.

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