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International cycling race takes place in Turkey

13.06.2019 147 просмотров

A sports competition called "Yildirim Bayazid" has started in the province of Bursa.

This competition is part of the program of the International Cycling Union. Teams of Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, as well as 65 athletes from Turkish teams take part in the marathon.

World cycling record
set in Ashgabat
The cyclists will have to overcome a distance of 122 km through the Uluabat district to the settlement of Karajabey.

Previously, Big Asia reported that "colorful" race was held in Turkey. Hundreds of people covered in colored starch took part in the marathon in Izmir.

The event took place in the Mavesihir Karsiyaka area on the Aegean coast of the country. People with disabilities in wheelchairs also joined the bright colorful race.

Participants note that it was very beautiful and fun, people had a great time. After the marathon, the most active of the competitors and spectators danced and had fun to the music.   

The idea of holding colorful races came to Turkey from abroad and has taken root in different cities. During the six-year history of this sporting event, approximately 37 thousand people took part in it.


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