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Indonesia bids to host 2032 Olympics

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The government of the Asian country sent an official written application to the IOC.

This was announced at the session in Buenos Aires by the head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach. According to him, the country is showing increased interest in holding competitions. The official clarified that the IOC had received two letters, one from the Indonesian government and one from the National Olympic Committee. 
Japan will not introduce
daylight saving time at the 2020 Olympics

This year, Jakarta and Palembang hosted the XVIII Asian Games, which took place from August 18 to September 2. This is one of the most representative competitions in the world and the second in terms of the number of participants after the Olympics. This year, more than 16,000 athletes from 45 countries took part in the games. 

As President Joko Widodo said earlier, the government uses the experience gained during the Asian Games to organize the 2032 Games at the highest level. The International Olympic Committee approved Indonesia's application and noted that the country has rather high chances to host competitions on its territory.

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