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Indian government closes hookah bars

19.03.2018 201 просмотров

Temporary bans have been in effect in the Punjab so far, which have not yielded any result in the fight against smoking.

Authorities in the northern Indian state of Punjab have imposed a complete permanent ban on hookah bars. The reason for such a strict measure was the growth of diseases associated with tobacco smoking, local media explain. as if the nicotine harm situation could somehow change in that time,” Zee News ironically.

Now, the Punjab administration has decided that a permanent ban would be a much more viable solution to the problem, since it involves organizing large-scale, long-term and regular checks. Until now, while there were temporary bans, hookah bars continued to work from inspection to inspection.

Amendments made by the state government to the law of 2003 on advertising and trade, production and sale of tobacco products allowed to ban such establishments.< br>
Previously, scientists from India and other countries dispelled the myth that hookah smoking, unlike cigarettes, is harmless to the body. A hookah, known as sheesha, is a system of tubes, flasks and bowls through which smoke enters the smoker's respiratory tract by passing through liquid (water, milk, etc.). The misconception about the harmlessness of such smoking was based on the fact that the liquid supposedly acts as a very effective filter. It really cleans smoke from harmful impurities, but, unlike cigarettes, hookah smoke is inhaled much deeper, and the volume of inhaled is much larger, so the harm is quite comparable. There are no statistical data on the consequences of systematic hookah smoking.

Punjab is a state in northwestern India, on the border with Pakistan, where most of the country's Sihks live.

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