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In Thailand, people invited elephants to fight on the football field

13.06.2018 157 просмотров

In the Kingdom of Thailand, students from several local universities took to the football field to compete with the team of ... elephants.

Good-natured giants managed to win in a friendly match. They beat the students with a score of 2:1. The sports match was held with the help of an abnormal, extra-large ball, since otherwise it would be difficult for the elephants to grab it.

The four-legged footballers used their massive dimensions and trunk with might and main, which, from the point of view of the two-legged athletes, gave them a decisive advantage. But the elephants didn't hit the penalties, although, in the end, they still prevailed.

It is noteworthy that the sports battle between two intelligent species of creatures took place under the slogan of fighting secret gambling. In Thailand, sports brokers are very common, whose activities are considered illegal in the Kingdom. 

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Elephants Football.jpg

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Still images from Big Asia News / Reuters

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