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In Russia, athletes run a marathon around the apartment

19.05.2020 101 просмотров

The regime of self-isolation sometimes gives rise to strange and unexpected ideas.

Imprisoned in the cramped space of their apartments without the right to go outside, the Russians do not despair and try to somehow adapt. It is especially difficult for people of active physical labor and athletes.

The new living conditions have led some athletes to turn their small apartments into a gym or a stadium treadmill.

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it became clear that you couldn’t go anywhere at all - I don’t have a summer house, I don’t drive a car, and it’s generally not clear what to do - it was then that the thought came to my mind that this was the only way out - to run around the apartment and at least reconcile myself a little with that terrible situation in which we found ourselves, - said Sima Piterskaya. - I have an ordinary two-room apartment, in a high-rise building, on Timiryazevskaya. I just took a meter and measured the entire trajectory of running from the big room to the kitchen. And, in fact, to get a kilometer , came out 69 times.I was lucky - it seems to me that my neighbors from below whether somewhere in the country. And nobody complains. Well, on the plus side, I run at the allowed time.
Today I have a dozen kilometers - I have already run 9. There are about 40 left from the room to the kitchen." 

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easing lockdown levels, with some regions already allowing outdoor sports and walking alone.

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