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In Moscow, met the "golden" gymnasts of the Russian Guard, who returned from Tokyo

04.08.2021 216 просмотров

At Sheremetyevo airport, servicemen of the sports team under the administration of the Central District of the Russian Guard, who won first place in the team all-around at the Tokyo Olympics, were honored. 

Military personnel, employees, the National Guard, a departmental orchestra, representatives of regional and municipal authorities, public sports organizations, journalists and volunteers came to meet the champions.

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In the medal standings of the Tokyo Olympics, Russian gymnasts took second place. In the team all-around, athletes from the Central District of the Russian Guard Senior Lieutenant Denis Ablyazin, Ensign Nikita Nagorny and Junior SergeantArtur Dalaloyan, as well as David Belyavsky with a score of 262,500 The hosts of the competitions and the gymnasts from China outscored the points.

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In addition, Senior Lieutenant Denis Ablyazin won an individual silver medal in the vault, and Ensign Nikita Nagorny won bronze medals in the individual all-around and in exercises on the crossbar.

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