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In Israel, instead of plasters and bandages, they began to use a polymer film

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The Israeli company NanoMedic has invented SpinCare, which can replace a range of dressings in the treatment of deep or superficial wounds, burns or the consequences of surgery.

This is a special polymer that creates the effect of artificial leather. 

The composition, which is a colorless gel, is contained in a pressurized vial. It is sprayed evenly over the wound surface and, when hardened, creates a kind of artificial skin that hermetically closes the wound. The film is water resistant and can effectively protect the damaged area for several days.

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Such an invention is indispensable for patients who need a private change of bandages. In addition to saving dressings, such a drug reduces the suffering of patients, as it does not stick to wounds and does not require frequent dressing changes.
The spray is already being tested in a number of medical centers in the country, in particular, at the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.

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It is curious to note that a similar composition has been used in Russia for a long time, where it is available for free sale for a home first-aid kit called Glue BF6.

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