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In Georgia, the dates of the opening of the winter season have been specified

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Local resorts will officially start accepting tourists this weekend.

So, Gudauri will start working on December 15. On the 22nd, the winter season starts in Tetnuldi in Svaneti, Hatsvali, Bakuriani and on the Kokhta-Mitarbi tracks. The date is specified by the Sputnik-Georgia agency. Before Georgian media indicated more Ski Resorts Open Early
The ski season has opened
 in Kemerovo Sheregesh

more than 40 ropeways. Only in Gudauri there are 18 funiculars. The resort has 20 ski slopes with a length of 70 kilometers.

4 cable cars will open in Goderdzi. However, there are only three tracks with a total length of 8 kilometers. Also, 4 funiculars will operate in the resort of Tetnuldi, where six slopes with a total length 30 kilometers.

In Khatsvali, there are two rope roads and trails, the length of which is 7 kilometers.

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