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In Chinese Taiwan, football is being watched not by real people, but by dummies

18.04.2020 103 просмотров

Taiwan lined the stands with cardboard silhouettes. 

In China's formal administrative province of Taiwan, a baseball team has found a way to practice and play in the presence of fans despite the current stadium ban. 

China Grandstands 2 .jpg

Now, in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the stands are filled with... cardboard silhouettes that help players feel the public's interest in the game.

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"I never thought that one day I will see something like this… But, you know, the current reversal even clears the brain,” says Lin Chao-Liu, player of the Rakuten Monkeys team, “We hope that even in this situation we will be able to show what we are capable of. And the fans will see us on TV and streaming TV".

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An unusual initiative belongs to the Rakuten Monkeys team. This team was very impressed with the cardboard silhouettes of the enemy - "Fubon Guardians" (Fubon Guardians). “There would be no happiness but misfortune helped” - this is how the current set of circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic can be characterized. 

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The fact is that before that, very little was known about local baseball abroad. But now, when the game took place during the pandemic, they started talking about Taiwanese teams. More than 600 thousand fans of this sport watched the match with cardboard fans.

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Taiwan is doing quite well against the coronavirus. Among the 24 million islanders, only 395 people have been infected by the virus; six have died.

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