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How many steps do Israelis walk a day?

15.07.2017 63 просмотров

Israelis are not as lazy as one might think, watching their fellow citizens spend the day in the office at the computer, in the car and in front of the TV.

Israelis average 5 033 steps per day, (approximately 4.2 km), which is 72 steps more than the world average.

Researchers reported in the July issue Nature magazine that for their work they used the data of the application for measuring walking, installed in the smartphone of 717.5 thousand people in 111 countries. This made it possible to obtain information about 68 million days of physical activity of the users of the application.

The record holders were residents of Hong Kong, who walk 6 880 steps every day, or about 6 km.

In second place is China with 6 189 steps, followed by 

Indonesia (3 533 steps), Saudi Arabia (3 807), Malaysia (3 963), the Philippines (4 008) and Qatar (4 158) walk the least.

Walking is typically associated with movement between home and work, as suggested by peaks of transient activity  — — these are 9:00, 12:00 (break time) and 18:00 hours. On weekends, only midday and evening walking remain.

These studies fix the ratio between the most active groups in walking and the least active.

Where the difference between them is not very large (that is, much less active), a large number of obese people have been noted, as, for example, in the USA and Mexico. At the opposite end — Sweden, where the gap between active and lazy people is minimal, and, as a result, in this Scandinavian country, the proportion of people with obesity is the smallest in the world.

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