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Horse racing will take place in Dushanbe

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The competition will bring together participants from different horse breeding farms from all over Tajikistan.

Mayor of Dushanbe Rustam Emomali instructed to hold competitions on the territory of the Navruzgokh complex. The races will take place tomorrow. They are dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the country's independence. More than $5,000 will be allocated from the budget of the republic for the competition. 

Welcomed in Dushanbe
Navruz Carnival
Last year, an open equestrian tournament was also held in the capital of Tajikistan on the Day. About 80 horses took part in the event. Competitions were held at distances of one thousand meters, 1.6 meters and 2 thousand meters.

The winner of the first race was the horse of Shermukhammadi Shohien named Ramz.  Rustam Sherkhan-dark, an English horse, the grandson of Tajik President Anushervoni, was in the lead in the second race.

Horse racing is a traditional sport for Tajikistan. They are held annually in honor of Navruz. Spectators fill the stands of the hippodrome in the capital's "Navruzgokh" to capacity. The distance of the main race is 2 kilometers. 

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