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Highline festival will be held in Antalya

18.02.2020 109 просмотров

The eighth International Competition will bring together fans of extreme sports from all over the world.

The holiday will be held in the Geikbairy region from February 22 to 29 this year. 

Camping tourism is gaining
popularity in Turkey
According to a widespread report, the festival will offer athletes from 20 to 24 mountain peaks located at an altitude of 15 to 100 meters.

Organized by the Turkish Slackline Association, the competition annually attracts not only locals, but also tourists who come from different countries to see the impressive spectacle.
Highline is an extreme sport, the essence of which is the passage of tightrope walkers along a rope stretched at a high altitude. There may be earth or water below, the rope sags slightly under the weight of the participant, who brings the thread under the center of gravity of his body with his feet.< br>

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