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Heli-ski opens in Turkey

28.01.2020 67 просмотров

The extreme sports season has started in the Kachkar mountains in the Rize province.

According to local media, the heli-ski season lasts until mid-March.

It will be easier for Omsk residents
to get to Sheregesh
Helicopter or heli-skiing is a form of backcountry/freeride , which involves skiing on the untouched slopes of wild mountains using a helicopter as a lift.

According to one of the organizers of the heli-ski sports base, Hashim Ali Hashimoglu, last year about 400 tourists tried extreme sports, but this year higher figures are expected for the season.

“I can speak with confidence about the popularity heli-skiing and excellent tourist flow, based on early bookings. Groups of tourists will come from both near and far abroad,” said Khashimoglu.
According to him, for safety reasons, there are two tracks in the mountains - the so-called “black” one, for high-level professionals, and "green" for beginners.  

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