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Gymnasts from Israel showed the best result

30.11.2020 223 просмотров

The Israeli national team won the team event of the European Championship in rhythmic gymnastics.

The Israeli rhythmic gymnastics team took first place in the unofficial team standings of the European Championship in Kyiv. Israeli athletes won three gold, three silver and one bronze medals.

The second place in the team standings was taken by the Ukrainian team (three gold, two silver, one bronze medals), the third place was taken by Belarus (1-2-2). The Russian national team refused to participate in the tournament due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Russian team is the most titled in the history of the European Championships, the Russians have 111 gold, 44 silver and 23 bronze medals. Next come the teams of Bulgaria (45-26-42) and Ukraine (32-36-31).

The European Championship is held annually, the tournament in Kyiv had the status of qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The next European championship should be held in Bulgarian Varna, in 2023 the tournament will be hosted by Moscow.

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