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Georgian Alps are ready for the influx of tourists

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The ski season starts in the country on December 8th.

It is noted that the resorts will meet vacationers in a completely serviceable and updated condition. All ropeways have been repaired and passed technical inspection. Georgia is famous for its ski resorts, which are located throughout the republic and were considered among the best back in Soviet times.

Ski season opened
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The largest modern winter recreation area is Gudauri. This resort is called the Mecca for freeriders, that is, those who love to move down the mountain off the track. You can also ski, snowboard and sled here. In 2023, Gudauri will host the World Freestyle and Snowboard Championships.

The oldest ski resort in the Caucasus is Bakuriani, whose history dates back to the 19th century. It is especially popular with couples. Here you can not only ride, but also take horseback rides and travel around the area. From Bakuriani you can see the highest point in Europe - Elbrus.

Another place of winter recreation - Mestia - has been the cultural and religious center of mountainous Svaneti for several centuries. In addition to extreme recreation, here you can enjoy the beauty of ancient towers and get acquainted with the traditions of the ancient community.

Tetnuldi ski resort is located 15 kilometers from Mestia. The total length of  piste is 25 km, and the length of the longest is 9.5 km.

Goderdzi is located in a unique climatic zone, just a hundred kilometers from the Black Sea coast of Adjara. It is considered the snowiest ski resort in Georgia.

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