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Georgia intends to tighten control over medicines

17.04.2018 86 просмотров

The Ministry of Health of Georgia introduces strict European standards for the production of medicines.

The representative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic Marina Darakhvelidze revealed to the media that in the near future Georgia will begin to apply the European quality label in the field of pharmaceuticals. respectively, GDP - for commercial network operators in the field of pharmaceuticals. It is assumed that the licensing of activities will allow to fight with low-quality manufacturers and improper storage and sale of medical products.

The program of retraining of medical personnel is paid by the World Health Organization. The training will take place in Denmark, which, as a result, will receive funds for the advanced training of Georgian specialists. The total amount is quite modest - it does not exceed 200 thousand US dollars.

From 2022, a total inspection of the marketing chain for the production and commercialization of medicines will be carried out in Georgia. 

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