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Football players of Kyrgyzstan will perform at the Asian Cup in a new form

15.12.2018 42 просмотров

The outfit, in which the national team will appear, was shown by the Football Federation of the Republic.

The organization's website notes that the red color of the home uniform corresponds to the flag of the country and symbolizes valor and courage. The away kit is white to represent team spirit and tradition.

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Particular emphasis was placed on minimalism without the presence of additional elements.

As for the slogan, the Kyrgyz fans settled on the motto "White Falcon". This inscription will appear on the bus of the national team of Kyrgyzstan, on which the football players of the national team will travel during the tournaments.

It should be noted that the Kyrgyz football players won the right to take part in the Asian Cup for the first time in the history of the country.

The start of the Asian Cup will take place on January 5 in the United Arab Emirates. Kyrgyzstan got into group C, where they will play with the national teams of South Korea, China and the Philippines.

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