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Fishing championship started in Abkhazia

16.08.2019 165 просмотров

More than 25,000 fish will be launched into the Yupsara River especially for athletes.

On the Abkhazian river Yupsara, the 5th Open Championship of Abkhazia in spinning fish has opened. This is reported by the Sputnik agency with reference to the information of the Federation of Fishing and Hunting Sports of the Republic.
Rare blue marlin
spotted in Turkey

More than 20 teams from Abkhazia, Russia, as well as from the Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk take part in the competition.

According to Albert Bondarenko, President of the Federation of Fishing and Hunting Sports of Abkhazia, about 500 kg of fish - more than 25 thousand trout, which is grown in the river Bzyb.

The rules prohibit athletes from Take the caught fish in your hands.

“If you take a fish in your hands, it may not survive. The caught fish will be taken with silicone replants and shown to the judge, who issues a coupon to the athlete, after which the fish is immediately released into the river,” A. Bondarenko said.

The championship will last from 16 to 18 August.

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