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Figure skater from Georgia became the best at the European Championship

29.01.2023 ТАСС 78 просмотров

Representative of Georgia Anastasia Gubanova won the European Figure Skating Championship.

Anastasia Gubanova, who plays for the Georgian national team, became the winner of the European Figure Skating Championship. The competitions are held in the Finnish city of Espoo.

According to the sum of the two programs, Gubanova scored 199.91 points (69.81 for the short program + 130.10 for the free program). The second place was taken by the Belgian Luna Hendrix 193.48 (67.85 + 125.63). Kimmy Repond from Switzerland closed the top three (192.51; 63.83 + 128.68).

Gubanova is 20 years old, she has been playing for the Georgian national team since August 2021, before that the athlete represented the Russian team. The figure skater is the bronze medalist of the 2022/23 Grand Prix stage in Great Britain, the winner of the Russian Junior Cup final, as well as the silver medalist of the Junior Grand Prix series final.

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