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Festival "Sukhareva Tower" in St. Petersburg will introduce the variety of martial arts in Russia

15.12.2017 106 просмотров

The international festival-tournament "Sukhareva Tower" will present to the guests a variety of national martial arts in Russia, Natalya Kazarina, director of the festival, told reporters at a press conference at TASS on Wednesday.

The first festival, which is planned to be made annual, will be held on January 23-27 in the Ice Palace in St. fights in sambo, judo on several tatami, at the same time there will be cultural, medical ... festival sites, a youth sports and educational forum and a forum for parents whose children go in for sports," Kazarina said.

Here you can learn about traditions of Armenian martial art kokh, Georgian - khridoli, Tatar - kuresh, Kazakh - kures, Yakut mas-wrestling. The international status of the festival will be given by the participation of foreign sports clubs.

"We are waiting for guests from Mongolia, Syria, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia," Kazarina specified.

As planned by the organizers, the head of the winning club in the final, he will receive from the hands of the President of the Russian Federation a model of the Sukharev Tower, one of the sights of Moscow, built by decree of Peter I as a token of gratitude for personal loyalty and loyalty on the part of the Streltsy Regiment. In the image of the Sukharev Tower, the organizers of the tournament laid the relationship of service and loyalty of representatives of law enforcement agencies and the armed forces to the national leader.

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