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Festival "Crocuses Beshtau" started in Zheleznovodsk

02.04.2018 93 просмотров

This year, more than 200 athletes from all over Russia have gathered for the 19th All-Russian Mountain Running Festival, which takes place annually in the resort town.

Immediately after the opening, which took place on the square of the city's railway station, the participants took to the track. According to the chief referee of the competition, Chairman of the Mountain Running Committee of the All-Russian Federation of Athletics (VFLA) Boris Vyazner, this year the competitions are held in difficult conditions, TASS reports. 

- spring is changeable, yesterday there were precipitations, and today there is snow on Mount Beshtau, along which the main sections of the route pass,” said B. Vyazner. 

Participants, whose age is from 14 to 45 years, will compete in three age categories. A route of a certain complexity has been developed for each. The most difficult one, which runs from the Beshtau railway station to the top of Mount Beshtau, must be overcome by men. The length of the route is 11,800 meters, and the elevation difference is 142 meters, TASS reports.  

Athletes will need to bypass Maly Beshtau along the ring road, and then directly climb through the saddle to the top of Beshtau Main. “The most difficult route is from Beshtau to Beshtau, there were more than fifty participants among men,” B. Vyazner specified to the agency. 

once. During this time, several tens of thousands of runners from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Altai Territory, Kostroma, the republics of the North Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory and other regions of Russia took part in it. 

And athletes from Udmurtia, Yakutia and Yamalo - The Nenets Autonomous Okrug participate in the championship annually, the organizing committee of the competition said.

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