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Fencers brought several medals to the treasury of the Russian Paralympic team

30.08.2021 44 просмотров

Russian fencers won seven medals at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The Russian team won two gold, two silver and three bronze medals in wheelchair fencing at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo and took second place in the medal standings.

The first place is taken by the Chinese (11-4-5), the third place is taken by the British (1-1-3).

In the individual competition, epee fencer Alexander Kuzyukov became the owner of the gold medal. Together with Maxim Shaburov and Artur Yusupov, he brought gold to the Russian national team in team competitions.

Silver medals were won by fencers Shaburov and Victoria Boikova.

Foil fencers Lyudmila Vasilyeva and Nikita Nagaev won bronze medals, as did epee fencers Boikova, Alena Evdokimova and Yulia Maya, who became third in the team championship.

Russian athletes, who have 15 gold, 9 silver and 28 bronze medals, are fourth in the overall medal standings. On the first line is the Chinese team (46-29-29), the British are second (23-19-18), and the Americans are third (15-16-9). The Tokyo Paralympic Games will end on September 5th.

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