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Fans from Saudi Arabia did their best to support their unfortunate team

15.06.2018 62 просмотров

On Thursday in Moscow, the first match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was played at the central sports arena in Luzhniki. The Saudi team lost to the Russians with a crushing score of 5:0.

The Saudis arrived at the championship accompanied by numerous fans who sincerely hoped that they would be able to support their team. Even before the start of the match, they shouted friendly chants in front of the formation of Russian fans, who behaved albeit restrainedly, but quite friendly.

Before the start of the sporting event, Vladimir Putin had an informal meeting with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman. The Prince assured the President of Russia of his country's invariable desire to develop cooperation with Moscow. 

From his point of view, such a rapprochement between the two countries is beneficial for the whole world. For his part, the head of the Russian state cordially welcomed the envoy of Saudi Arabia at the opening of the World Cup.

The hopes of the Saudi national team and their coach Juan Antonio Pizzi were not destined to come true, although in an interview before the match both the captain of the team and himself Pizzi assured that they would try to reach the final.

Neither the bright green paint on their faces, nor the national flags could sufficiently inspire the Saudi team players even for one goal against the Russian team.

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