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Extreme sportsmen sailed from Sakhalin to Hokkaido for the first time

22.07.2019 46 просмотров

Athletes from Russia, Japan, China and South Africa took part in the relay race across the La Perouse Strait.

27 people covered the distance from Cape Crillon of Sakhalin Island to Cape Soya of Hokkaido Island. The participants were members of the Russian national team, world champions, as well as athletes who previously swam across the English Channel (34 km), the Bering Strait (135 km), the First Kuril Strait from Kamchatka Cape Lopatka to the Sakhalin Island Shumshu.

< table cellspacing="7" cellpadding="1" align="right"> A world record
for a Russian swimmer in China
  Athletes have already reached the shores of Japan, TASS reports citing a statement from the press service of the organizing committee. It is noted that the swimmers had to overcome not 43 kilometers, as planned, but 66 - the distance increased due to sea currents and bad weather. Wetsuits were not used by the participants of the swim.

“This grandiose idea - to swim across the La Perouse Strait - was in the air for several generations, and we also raved about this idea, but there were frightening factors that were called to us - very strong sea currents and very cold water. Last year, we held a training session and swam 15 km in the Russian part of the strait and became convinced that it is possible to swim across it,” said Alexander Brylin, chairman of the Interregional Cold Swimming Association of Russia.

-Japanese people's diplomatic mission under the motto "Towards the sun and friendship: from birch to sakura".

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